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The car sabre can be additionally glued, so it’s not worth throwing away

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How do I get rid of the hole concentrated in the diffuser? There’s no hurry in this case. And to find another speaker, too. Specialists say it’s possible to repair such damage. But to do so, a number of measures have to be taken.

What and how to do?

Immediately there is a question: what kind of glue should be used for these activities. It is worth to perform several processes, of which we will now talk. It will allow to keep an acceptable level of sound quality.


In order to perform a relatively simple process, you will need this set of tools:

  • The glue of the mark “Moment”.
  • Electric cardboard or standard cardboard.
  • A screwdriver of the required type.
  • Relatively sharp scissors.
  • Standard hair dryer.

In order to glue the sab, it is worth using a rubber adhesive. It is not necessary to use quick-drying compositions.


Subwoofer music

Once everything necessary for repair has been prepared, you can move on to the process:

  • The sab must necessarily be disconnected from the amplifier. A screwdriver can be used to dismantle the grille, which will remove the fixing elements. Then, the enclosure should be carefully removed and the acoustic wires should be disconnected.
  • When inspecting the cone it is important to ensure that the voice coil is in good condition and functioning properly.
  • When using the scissors it is worth making a cardboard patch of appropriate size. It should completely cover the existing hole.
  • It is not necessary to look for electrocardboard, as standard materials can be used.
  • If the diffuser includes more than one surface, the number of patches should be increased. Glue should be used to fix them. In this case it is necessary to place them overlapping.
  • The diffuser material should also be combined to achieve optimum results.
  • After that the patches are carefully positioned directly on the diffuser. The main parts must be completely impregnated with the adhesive.
  • On the other hand a roller made of wool or quality sytapon should be added to the diffuser.
  • Preferably, it should not protrude from where it was glued. Patching should be applied with maximum force so that the shape of the cone remains standard.
  • At the end of the day, the roll out of the basket is carefully removed to achieve an optimum connection. In the case of non-glued areas, it is worth rectifying the situation.
  • Make sure that there is no crackling or extraneous sound while the speaker is operating.
  • The bonding points should be additionally heated with a hair dryer to ensure optimal fixation. At the same time, you should press the patch to secure it.
  • The cone must be carefully placed inside to see if the magnet and voice coil are in contact. If necessary, the seating gum, which is used as a sealant, can be replaced. The acoustic wires are then brought in.
  • From this you can see that it is not difficult to glue the sabre.
  • After that, you need to turn it on by setting the volume low. This will allow you to make sure that the device is working.
  • Then you should gradually turn the volume up. This will make sure that the sound is optimal.
  • Once you’ve completely eliminated the sound, you can install the decorative grille back.

Speaker gluing features

The number of speakers that make up a loudspeaker system is greater. So you should also be able to glue them up…

  • If extraneous sounds begin to appear in the sound over time, there may be problems with the speaker.
  • In order to eliminate the holes formed in the speaker, it is necessary to use adhesive composition, pieces of bandage, fabric.
  • In case there are more significant damage, it is necessary to prepare and soldering iron.

For independent repair should be prepared:

  1. The same adhesive composition “Moment”.
  2. Several pieces of fabric.
  3. Scalpel or rather sharp knife.
  4. Solvent or acetone.


Let’s get right to the events.

Basic operating procedure:

  • Pre-prepared bandages should be painted in the same tone as the speaker. After that, the fabric should be treated with glue and carefully attached.
  • In case you have not encountered such events before, you can only apply the patch from the outside.
  • In order to correct it, you should use tweezers.
  • Then you should wait until the glue is completely dry.
  • If there are any serious holes in the speaker fabric, the wires that go to the terminal block must first be removed.
  • After that, the cap should be treated with acetone. This cap is centered in the centre of the cone. This makes it easy to remove the previously installed cap. The same action should be taken on the centering washer.
  • Acetone should also be used to separate the suspension.
  • This will remove the centering washer, as well as the installed basket, fairly quickly.
  • Then you should rewind the previously installed coil.
  • If the coil has burned out in the vicinity of the base, it should be solder down carefully so that it does not go out of the way.
  • And only then can you begin to rewind directly. For this purpose you can use a tube which should be concentrated in the central part of the coil. The number of coils must be taken into consideration.
  • A new wire should only be spooled after it has been treated with an adhesive.
  • Once the new winding has been applied, you can proceed to the direct assembly.
  • Before the diffuser is placed in the basket, it should be cleaned.
  • When using the film, it is necessary to center the coil.
  • Then proceed to attach the diffuser suspension and then the centering washer. All joints should be carefully pressed down.
  • Once the adhesive is frozen, you should carefully remove the film and check how it moves.
  • If there is no problem with this, you can proceed to install the speaker. If there are any problems, you need to make an additional check.
  • Then you can perform a detailed check of the speaker, setting the rated power.

Of course, you can also buy a new unit.

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