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Active noise insulation of the car, not passive

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In such an information source as the New York Times, a unique news was demonstrated. The essence of it lies in the fact that manufacturers of motor vehicles began to use a special active noise suppression, having it directly in the cabin. With this device you can not only get rid of extraneous noise, but also mechanical sounds. In the end, your trip will be more comfortable, comfortable.

And this approach was taken for many reasons. Thus, with the help of this noise reduction it is possible to significantly reduce the noise level, as well as to minimize the costs that occur on soundproofing coatings. As a result, the total weight of the vehicle will be lower. Due to the fact that voice control is used quite often in vehicles, the need for this device is really high. After all, only in this case you can give a clear command, as well as hear the signal. And the level of comfort, equipped with the appropriate means, will be higher and more significant.

At the moment, similar methods are used in Nissan vehicles. With its help, manufacturers have significantly reduced the noise that comes from the running motor. But as soon as the gas pedal is used, the volume will be higher. And the sound of the motor is also possible with this kind of technology. This opportunity is really important for many drivers. For example, with its help you can make your car more presentable. In the appendix you can select the appropriate sound of the car stereo.

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