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Materials for noise insulation of cars

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If we have already begun to consider the specifics of the noise insulation of such vehicles, it is also worth noting separately which raw materials can be used for this purpose. Initially you should understand that sealing, soundproofing, sound absorbent and vibration absorbent materials can be used as a working material.

In this publication we will pay special attention to vibration absorbent materials. They are used to reduce vibrations from the engine, transmission, suspension and wheels. Typically, bitumen is used for the preparation of such materials, as it can provide optimum adhesion to the main elements. By the way, many manufacturers actively use bitumen, preparing the factory noise insulation.

Among the popular and actively used materials are such as:

  • Isomat
  • Vibroplast
  • Beamast

Now we should pay some attention to each material.

Vibroplast is considered to be quite popular, which is prepared using aluminum foil with the required impressions, as well as a polymer layer, which may contain additional impurities. This coating stands out because it hardly absorbs any moisture. There is no need to perform any additional manipulations during its installation. But the minimum surface preparation should be done.

Mechanical losses during its operation are about 0.25.


This is the vibroplast

Among the more modern noise insulation materials, bimast stands out. For its preparation bitumen is used, as well as special composite mastics. At present, many types of this coating are supplied, but three main types deserve special attention, namely, BiMast Standart, BiMast Super and BiMast Bomb. The main difference between the coatings demonstrated is the industry in which they are used, as well as the value of the coefficient of present mechanical losses. This type of coating is distinguished by its elasticity. It can be easily separated by means of handy tools. No heating is required before installation.

BiMast Standart
It’s a BiMast Standart
BiMast Super
This is BiMast Super
BiMast Bomb
It’s a BiMast Bomb

Another material is the Visomat, which is distinguished by the presence of a self-adhesive layer. It’s usually decorated in black tones. It consists of polymers and composites. In order to install it, it is necessary to preheat it.

This is the Visomat.

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